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Introducing BC PHARMACY!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Flu season is officially here, folks! Allergens, viruses, and bacteria are everywhere. With that in mind, please don't forget to keep wearing those masks we've become so accustomed to.

Numerous studies have shown that masks don't only protect us from COVID-19, but also from common factors that contribute to colds, coughs, allergies, asthma, and a multitude of other respiratory infections.

In the midst of flu season (and the still-ongoing pandemic), I am incredibly fortunate to introduce the second arm of the BC family business: BC PHARMACY, here to serve the SFX community and everyone else!

My top priority is to be a pharmacist that serves you. For any and all medical/therapeutic needs or advice, vaccination services, and personal consultations: know that I'm always only a text, email, or call away.

To begin the process of serving you, I'll need to transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies to ours. Most people don't realize it, co-pays are generally the same at both large pharmaceutical firms and small+independent pharmacies such as ours.

I receive new prescriptions from doctors via fax–or electronically (All prescriptions will be sent electronically by 2022 anyway!) I also accept written prescriptions, and am always able to call doctors' offices for prescription information.

At BC Pharmacy, we also have a small front store where we carry everything from medical supply products (like neck/back/knee braces) to walking canes, crutches, and over-the-counter medications (respiratory, digestive, pain, etc.)

Here are a few specific products that I highly recommend!

  1. Superfeet™ Insoles – Oh my! If you're experiencing foot/leg pain, these insoles may be your solution! They are life-changing; Dr. Scholl's don't even come close... if you want to test that claim, come visit the store and try a pair on, risk-free!

  2. Epsom-It™ Lotion – If you have pain anywhere in your body, you can apply this super concentrated form of Epsom salt as a lotion and it relieves all of your suffering. No soaking, no fuss, no smell. I also sell it cheaper than Amazon.

  3. Kalamansi Juice – Filipino Lemonade! Kalamansi juice is loaded with Vitamin C, and it's absolutely delicious (to be fair, I may be a little biased...) If you ever feel like you're coming down with something, give this drink a try (especially the Ginger or Mangosteen flavors) and you just might find yourself feeling better–and more refreshed!

If you have any suggestions for other items you want me to carry, feel free to let me know.

And last but not least, I would love for BC Pharmacy to become a small nook for friends and family of SFX and our surrounding community... so I also offer snacks, coffee, energy drinks, gift items, fashion items, and so much more! Because don't forget: my top priority is to be a pharmacist that serves you!

Bernadette Caloza

BC Pharmacy

Pharmacy Phone #: (818) 452-9001

Pharmacy Fax: (833) 717-1794

Mobile #: (818) 300-7245

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