❤️50th Birthday Request❤️

Hello everyone!😃 I hope you are all doing well.

April 4th, this coming Monday, is my 50th birthday☺️ And there are several reasons why I am telling you this.

First, I have decided to go away with my family for my birthday. So, the store will be closed on April 1-4. If you need anything, either please order/get them now or wait till Tuesday. Please share this with other families as well. Thank you.

The other and more important reason is; I would like to request that in lieu of gifts and well-appreciated greetings, I would like to ask for you and your families to go to the 11:30am Mass this Sunday (April3) on my behalf. We usually go to that mass but since I won't be there, my heart would be so happy to know that you were there for me. Knowing that someone was there for me is like giving me your birthday blessing. And at the same time, I know it will make Jesus' heart happy to see you there as well☺️❤️🙏

On another note; Easter break is coming up. If you need COVID Antigen testing for your travel needs, my pharmacy can help you with that. This is a cash-based testing and I have a discounted price for SFX families. Contact me for details:

Bernadette Caloza

Cell: (818)300-7245

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